Here, There and Everywhere: N49 Reviews New and Improved!

Here, There and Everywhere: N49 Reviews New and Improved!

Reviews Everywhere

Since the inception of, a big part of the concept has been the distribution of reviews. We’ve always been of the mindset that local businesses need reviews everywhere. This is why we’ve advised local business owners to get reviews in our directory and also in Google, Yelp, Homestars, DealerRater, RateMD, etc. Over the years, we have maintained this belief and continue to add features that are in line with this goal. Publishing reviews on local businesses websites, pushing reviews to Facebook pages and launching additional vertical specific directories where we publish user reviews are just a few examples of recent features that we have added in order to further this goal. As the internet has evolved, we have evolved along with it by constantly checking-in, self evaluating and iterating our product, approach, and beliefs which has brought us to the next step in the evolution of

What’s Next for

It is as important as ever to have reviews everywhere. You only have to check a Google local search result to see that Google likes local businesses that have reviews on multiple websites. Spreading the love, so to speak, is still a good idea. Over the years we have dismissed any duplicate content issues associated with the same reviews in multiple places as being something that Google would figure out and as good for users. Times have changed and in spite of our best efforts to offer hints to Google about where reviews originate from, they haven’t been able to figure it out. This is why we are changing how handles reviews.

In the coming days we are launching a big change to how reviews are handled by and all of our other vertical specific directories;,,, and others. All reviews will be moved to the directory where the review was originally written. You’ll now see reviews specific to the directory that you are on and also a tab for “More Reviews”.

Example of the 'More Reviews' tab on

Example of the ‘More Reviews’ tab on

These are reviews from other directories and will allow you to follow a link to that directory. This new system takes the guess work away from Google and shows your business as being reviewed across more websites, something we believe will help your local business rank better in Google search results.

An example of how reviews will show on

An example of how reviews will show on

Businesses that are listed across many directories will not loose reviews but will see them distributed in a different way. For example, if a business is in categories that exist in three directories then chances are their total number of reviews will appear to be reduced by a third. These reviews have not been removed but rather redistributed across our network of sites.

Reviews on Your Website

This change also means that reviews that go to your website will be unique to your website. They will show up on your directory listings under the “More Reviews” tab. For some local businesses, this means that to see all of your reviews on your website we’ll need to update your review manager. Check your testimonials or reviews page and if you don’t see all your reviews there please contact us and we’ll install the new version of our review manager. This new version supports other great new features such as video reviews, employee tagging and comments, so make sure that you contact us to upgrade.

This all sounds amazing how do I get reviews on my website?

If you don’t currently have our featured or sponsored business features and would like to upgrade, feel free to check out our pricing page or call someone on our team to get set up with the latest and greatest new features. We think they’re going to have a really positive impact on how customers read and write about your business.



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