N49 Launches Facebook Review Feed!

Businesses need reviews. The power of recommendation and word of mouth has been proven to drive new sales. Reviews are a great source of information when looking for products and services, and have become an important part of the consumer purchase decision. Review Manager is the best way to hear what customers are saying and improve your business.

Our Review Manager helps you keep on top of your online reviews and even displays them automatically on your site. The N49 Facebook Review Feed adds another element of integration to this. Starting today, N49 has the ability to automatically transfer your N49 reviews directly to your Facebook page. Now anyone browsing Facebook can see your best reviews at the click of a button.

Installing N49’s Facebook Feed  is very simple. First you must “own” your business on N49.ca. Search for your company on N49.ca and and click on “Manage Reviews” in the left hand tool bar.

Click on “Review Feed” and then “Get Code – Turn On”. Once you have done this, click on “Facebook Feed” and open up a second browser. In this browser, navigate to your Company’s Facebook page and copy the last grouping of digits at the end of your Facebook page URL. This is referred to as your Facebook page “ID” number. Open your first browser and copy this page ID into the field provided and click “Save”, then “Add to my Facebook Page”. A drop down box will appear where you must select your Facebook page. Then click “Add Our Reviews”. At this point the application is installed and will appear in the left hand column above the “About” section.

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