N49 Donates $217 to the CCRC

On behalf of our N49 Reviewers we are sending a cheque to the Canadian Children’s Rights Council, a non-profit NGO education and advocacy group focused on Canadian children’s human rights and responsibilities.

What are donation dollars ?

N49 is proud to partner with over 20 Canadian Charities. For each member review we donate one dollar to a charity selected by that user, up to a maximum of $5000.00. N49 users are doing their part by helping local businesses get feedback, helping consumers find great services, and helping charitable organizations in our communities.

Thank you so much for your continued support and keep those reviews coming!

As part of our Donation Dollars program, N49 Interactive donates a portion of our revenue to Canadian charities. For every member review we donate one dollar to the charity selected=Ryan, our lead Web Sales Exec, holding a cheque for $217.00


  1. frasersullivan

    Awesome! Nice to see that n49 continues to have the review community giving back to worthwhile causes while having their say. Would be nice for Google, Yelp and others to follow the same path!

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