Introducing Employee Reviews

Introducing Employee Reviews

People are compelled to mention their great hair stylist, plumber, or dentist by name when posting a review. That’s why n49 is now offering all featured and sponsored businesses the ability to add employees to be tagged in reviews. Mentioning employees is a great way for customers to highlight the great work of specific employees.

Staff tagged review

This new feature also allows n49 users to filter reviews by employee. Employees can respond to reviews and business owners can attach employees to past reviews. We have upgraded our website review feed product so that reviewed employees now appear with their photo, name and title in the review stream on your website.

Staff Rating

In order to be reviewed, employees must be signed-up for n49 and connected to your business. Once your employees are connected to your business, it is easy for reviewers to tag them in reviews. The name and title of the employee is clearly displayed and multiple employees may be tagged in a review. The process for adding employees is simple and we have attached a PDF guide for your reference. Start adding your employees today, or contact your n49 account manager to get started!

Guide to Setting Up Employee Reviews

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