Review-Us Update

At N49 we are proud of our directories where customers can read and write reviews of all of their favourite local businesses. In addition to our directories we have a great system for helping businesses acquire reviews from their customers called Review-Us. We provide a simple URL where businesses can point their customers (for example: where customers can choose from a list of locations for multi location businesses, or a list of possible places to write a review for single location URLs. When we first launched Review-Us it was for a handful of single location businesses. Today as we’re expanding beyond Canadian borders and working with more and more multi location businesses it became clear that our Review-Us platform needed a rework. In addition to updating the interface to make it easier for customers to find the location they want to review we have also launched additional domains for outside of Canada.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.36.43 AM

A URL like takes you to a map view on a desktop and a list view on a mobile device. By default we load the locations closest to you when you arrive on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.36.59 AM

A specific location like serves up all of the possible places to review the location, including leaving a review right on their website.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.38.43 AM


The interface also includes lightning fast auto complete search in both desktop and mobile views that taps into all businesses, which makes finding the location you’ve dealt with easier than ever.

Feedback is always appreciated, if there’s a feature you’ve been dying to see, you think you might have found a bug, or you have some questions about Review-Us, hit us up on twitter @N49 or feel free to chat with us on facebook.

Some Updates to N49

We’ve made some changes to N49.

New Search

You’ll notice that we have a brand new search bar. This is called autocomplete search and requires that you select the result from the list provided. If you have any trouble finding something, try to be more specific. Searches like “Toyota dealers Toronto” or “Starbucks Barrie” work best. If in doubt, keep typing, the more specific you can be the better the results

New Homepage

You’ll notice that we have a much simpler homepage, focused on finding the businesses that you’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to adding pages for all cities in Canada we’ve taken the first steps of expanding to the United States and theUnited Kingdom. If you have a favourite ice-cream shop in New York, or pub in Glasgow, don’t hesitate to add it.

Found a bug?

Sometimes making big changes means breaking things by accident. If you’ve found something that doesn’t look right, or you just don’t like something, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can message us by signing up to N49 and clicking the chat button in the bottom right of your screen after you signup.

All the best,

The N49 Team

Here, There and Everywhere: N49 Reviews New and Improved!

Here, There and Everywhere: N49 Reviews New and Improved!

Reviews Everywhere

Since the inception of, a big part of the concept has been the distribution of reviews. We’ve always been of the mindset that local businesses need reviews everywhere. This is why we’ve advised local business owners to get reviews in our directory and also in Google, Yelp, Homestars, DealerRater, RateMD, etc. Over the years, we have maintained this belief and continue to add features that are in line with this goal. Publishing reviews on local businesses websites, pushing reviews to Facebook pages and launching additional vertical specific directories where we publish user reviews are just a few examples of recent features that we have added in order to further this goal. As the internet has evolved, we have evolved along with it by constantly checking-in, self evaluating and iterating our product, approach, and beliefs which has brought us to the next step in the evolution of

What’s Next for

It is as important as ever to have reviews everywhere. You only have to check a Google local search result to see that Google likes local businesses that have reviews on multiple websites. Spreading the love, so to speak, is still a good idea. Over the years we have dismissed any duplicate content issues associated with the same reviews in multiple places as being something that Google would figure out and as good for users. Times have changed and in spite of our best efforts to offer hints to Google about where reviews originate from, they haven’t been able to figure it out. This is why we are changing how handles reviews.

In the coming days we are launching a big change to how reviews are handled by and all of our other vertical specific directories;,,, and others. All reviews will be moved to the directory where the review was originally written. You’ll now see reviews specific to the directory that you are on and also a tab for “More Reviews”.

Example of the 'More Reviews' tab on

Example of the ‘More Reviews’ tab on

These are reviews from other directories and will allow you to follow a link to that directory. This new system takes the guess work away from Google and shows your business as being reviewed across more websites, something we believe will help your local business rank better in Google search results.

An example of how reviews will show on

An example of how reviews will show on

Businesses that are listed across many directories will not loose reviews but will see them distributed in a different way. For example, if a business is in categories that exist in three directories then chances are their total number of reviews will appear to be reduced by a third. These reviews have not been removed but rather redistributed across our network of sites.

Reviews on Your Website

This change also means that reviews that go to your website will be unique to your website. They will show up on your directory listings under the “More Reviews” tab. For some local businesses, this means that to see all of your reviews on your website we’ll need to update your review manager. Check your testimonials or reviews page and if you don’t see all your reviews there please contact us and we’ll install the new version of our review manager. This new version supports other great new features such as video reviews, employee tagging and comments, so make sure that you contact us to upgrade.

This all sounds amazing how do I get reviews on my website?

If you don’t currently have our featured or sponsored business features and would like to upgrade, feel free to check out our pricing page or call someone on our team to get set up with the latest and greatest new features. We think they’re going to have a really positive impact on how customers read and write about your business.


Seeing is Believing – Introducing Video Reviews

Featured businesses can now add video reviews to their n49 listings. In addition to showing up on your n49 profile, these reviews will automatically show up in the n49 review stream on your website.

Video Reviews in the review stream on the RCC Waterproofing website.

Video Reviews in the review stream on the RCC Waterproofing website.

Video reviews are a great way to get a review on the spot from a customer who might forget to submit a written review at a later date. Better yet, video reviews truly exhibit the authenticity of your reviews and how happy your customers are!

It is easy to add video reviews. Check out our PDF Guide or give us a call for more information 416-385-2433. If you already have a review feed on your site but it is not showing video reviews, please contact us to upgrade.

Guide to Adding Video Reviews




The Polar Vortex Can’t Stop n49

It has been a cold couple of weeks, but the Polar Vortex won’t stop the n49 dev team – we are Canadian after all! Our development team has been hard at work and we have introduced some fantastic new features.

For Business Owners

We are  happy to announce the introduction of extra administrator privileges for employees. With this new capability, the dev team has taken the Employee Review feature to a whole new level. Business owners are now able to give their connected employees the ability to publish non-member reviews and add new reviews. Simple check-boxes in the Employees section of biz edit make this feature user friendly!

Use the check the boxes to select privileges for your connected employees.

Use the check the boxes to select privileges for your connected employees.

The dev team’s ongoing efforts to better integrate n49 with Facebook are paying off! Reviews can now automatically posted to a business’ Facebook timeline. If you own a business on n49 make sure that these permissions are enabled so that you can share your great reviews with your Facebook followers.

For n49ers

We are always working to provide you with the most accurate search results when looking for business information on n49. We have updated our search tool so that if you are searching n49 without the “search by business name” box checked, and no results are found, the search tool will automatically search by business name.

After introducing the ability to edit usernames it came to our attention that edited profile information was not saving correctly. This issue has now been fixed, so go ahead and update your relationship status, in time for Valentine’s Day!

Our team is working on revamping our signup/login process and our review writing process. Stay tuned for more information on these changes as well as more new features.

Happy 2014 Everyone!

We hope that you enjoyed the holidays and are surviving the chilly temperatures. In spite of vacations, power outages and holidays, the n49 team has been hard at work. We have rolled out some great new features and are excited for 2014!

For n49ers

Looking to change things up in 2014? Tired of your n49 username? You can now update it by visiting the ‘My Profile’ section. We are working on streamlining the log in/sign up process so keep an eye out for changes.

Type your new username into the 'New Username' field in Edit Profile.

Type your new username into the ‘New Username’ field in Edit Profile.

We want to make it easier to use n49 with Facebook. To this end, we are introducing the option to post a review written on n49 directly to your Facebook Timeline. Try it out with your next review and watch for more Facebook integration in the coming weeks.

For Business Owners

We are working on streamlining the ‘Businesses’ section of n49. The team has already made some changes and now when you visit this section, you will see a comprehensive list of the businesses that you have claimed.

If your business  is featured on n49 and you have employees tagged in reviews, these employees will show up in the review feed on the n49 homepage. To learn more about employee reviews check out our blog post, ‘Introducing Employee Reviews’.

Recently reviewed employees now show up in Review Feed on the homepage.

Recently reviewed employees now show up in Review Feed on the homepage.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more information on n49 updates  including an exciting announcement about our Donation Dollars program.

Happy Holidays!

Check out this year’s holiday card. Can you guess who is who?

Happy Holidays from the gang at n49!

Happy Holidays 2013

Revamp and Renovate!

Have you noticed anything different about the homepage? To get everyone into the holiday spirit, we have implemented a seasonal theme. Check it out now, because unlike the real snow, these flakes will have melted by the new year.

Over the past two weeks our development team has been working hard to improve the n49 user experience. The result has been several bug fixes and updates to n49. These updates include warnings when users are attempting to add files that exceed the size limit and notifying users when they try to access n49 with antiquated browsers.

Big files Hello Bar with Warning

The development team is also working on streamlining the n49 member signup/login process and our process for writing reviews. Users can expect to see improvements to these processes in the new year. The team has also been doing some serious Facebook R&D in order to better integrate the n49 review management system with Facebook.

Over the next three weeks, the n49 team will continue these initiatives. We are also planning to roll out some important changes to our Donation Dollars program in 2014, so stay tuned for more news!

Introducing Employee Reviews

Introducing Employee Reviews

People are compelled to mention their great hair stylist, plumber, or dentist by name when posting a review. That’s why n49 is now offering all featured and sponsored businesses the ability to add employees to be tagged in reviews. Mentioning employees is a great way for customers to highlight the great work of specific employees.

Staff tagged review

This new feature also allows n49 users to filter reviews by employee. Employees can respond to reviews and business owners can attach employees to past reviews. We have upgraded our website review feed product so that reviewed employees now appear with their photo, name and title in the review stream on your website.

Staff Rating

In order to be reviewed, employees must be signed-up for n49 and connected to your business. Once your employees are connected to your business, it is easy for reviewers to tag them in reviews. The name and title of the employee is clearly displayed and multiple employees may be tagged in a review. The process for adding employees is simple and we have attached a PDF guide for your reference. Start adding your employees today, or contact your n49 account manager to get started!

Guide to Setting Up Employee Reviews

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.33.18 PM

A New Homepage for n49

It has been an exciting week here at n49. We have officially launched the new homepage!


The new homepage features the top reviewed businesses in the n49 directory. In addition, we have launched city specific pages that focus on the best reviewed business in these locations. All new pages feature a top category list down the right hand side with snazzy new icons and a business count. On city specific pages the new listings tab focuses on new additions to from that specific location. Users will notice that the new layout of the site highlights new reviews and new listings.


We have also upgraded the Google maps API to version three. Down the road, users can expect to see interface changes to go along with these updates. Some goals include, full screens maps, location detection and more detailed info windows. users can also look forward to new “drag and drop” functionality as well as a multi-photo uploader. These new modern features will make N49 easier for users to navigate.